Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review : Momb - Hard care

Momb - Hard care (2016) Alliance Records
Produced by Momb
Tracks : 1.Tough enough 2.Nobody else 3.All you are made of 4.Believing in yourself 5.Hard care 6.Coke nut 7.Coke nut epilogue 8.Richest touch 9.Sexercise 10.Silence of your heart 11.Way of the water
4 out of 5

Now talk about a totally unexpected release, the second album "Hard care" from Danish band Momb.
Their brilliant self titled album was released in 1997 so I never thought there would be another album from these guys.
Where have they been all this time? on Mars? hiding underground for a science fair project? living like monks in Tibet? Who knows, but last year they came out of the silence and dropped a fantastic follow-up with "Hard care".
Soundwise, it´s like time stood still and we´re back to 1997, Momb continue to deliver lovely harmonies and excellent vocals in a blend of power pop and west coast sounds.
If Nik Kershaw and Gregg Alexander (New Radicals) wrote a song together and had Mew as backing band, the result could very well be the awesome song "Coke nut".
The track "All you are made of" bring thoughts to Mr Mister´s album "Go on" (1987) so I´m definitely in musical heaven here.
Highly recommendable!
Highlights : Sexercise, All you are made of, Hard care, Coke nut

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review : As We Ascend - Farewell to midnight

As We Ascend - Farewell to midnight (2017) Vital Records
Produced by As We Ascend
Tracks : 1.Hatchet 2.My ghost 3.Expendable 4.Tell me 5.When the gun goes 6.Insulate 7.End of me 8.Watch the world burn 9.We fight 10.Wash away 11.At my door
3,5 out of 5

As We Ascend is a new hard rock band from Nashville, formed in 2016 by singer / songwriters and guitarists Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw (formerly of We As Human) and drummer Robert Venable.
Their debut album "Farewell to midnight" is climbing like a rocket on Billboard´s album and single charts, many thanks to the kick ass single "Wash away" that completely knocked me down.
As We Ascend´s sound bring thoughts to bands like Disciple, Decyfer Down and Saliva so this album is hardly groundbreaking but it doesn´t matter that much because the riffs have enough impact to make a crater and the songs are damn good.
My favorites at the moment are "My ghost", "Hatchet", "Wash away" and "When the gun goes". I bet we´re gonna hear a lot more from this band in the future.

Rumours in the air

Christian metal band The Letter Black has signed with EMP Label Group and will release their 3rd studio album Pain on May 26th, the previous album Rebuild was released on Tooth and Nail records in 2013.

The alternative metal band Eighteen Visions parted ways in 2007 but the members James Hart - Lead Vocals, Keith Barney - Gutiars and Trevor Friedrich - Drums, have reunited and are currently in the studio recording their first album since the self titled album from 2006.

Boston based hard rock band Extreme is wrapping up their follow-up album to Saudades de Rock (2008), their 6th studio album is expected to be released later this year.

Modern rockers Hoobastank has finished recording their 6th studio album with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Train), it´s their first album since Fight or Flight (2012).

Former Survivor singer Dave Bickler is finishing up his first solo album Darklight for a release in 2017. Bickler will perform at Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, U.K in October.

The British progressive / alternative metal band Amplifier are set to return with their 6th studio album Trippin´ With Dr.Faustus in mid-2017. It´s the follow-up to Mystoria (2014).

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Review : Onesie - Leos Consume

Onesie - Leos Consume (2017) Independent
Produced by Onesie / John Meredith
Tracks : 1.Karaoke killers 2.Credit score of 666 3.Pillow sail 4.Tall and lean 5.Hotelekinesis 6.Husbands in finance 7.Ballad of the boomerang 8.This minstrel 9.Life coach infinite scroll 10.Everything you want and more 11.Understudy
3 out of 5

As a band, you can either look at what´s on the charts, get trendy and hope for the best or you just don´t give a shit what´s selling and instead go your own way.
That´s exactly what the Brooklyn based trio Onesie has done on their debut album "Leos Consume" and it´s a charming record too.
The band is founded by former members of The Isles and Man Without Plan and takes inspiration from British pop, American punk and classic rock.
If Crash Test Dummies were a grunge band, they could´ve sounded like the track "Everything you want and more" but there are other bands that comes to mind while listening to the entire album and they are Weezer, Beck and Barenaked Ladies.
The humorous lyrics and and the raw guitars are definitely the strength of Onesie´s music, while the singer´s limited vocal range is the weakness.
Highlights : Karaoke killers, Husbands in finance, This minstrel