Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review : Trip To Dover - Fade into gold

Trip To Dover - Fade into gold (2017) Final 500 Records
Produced by Martijn Groeneveld
Tracks : 1.Prologue 2.Boy 3.I´ll be Juliet 4.Fade into gold 5.The birth of a hero 6.Only on the other side 7.Epilogue 8.Boy (backstage version)
3,5 out of 5

With a voice that is made for both pop and rock, Olga Taal is most certainly at home with these songs on "Fade into gold". She and Johannes Taal - Keyboards are from The Netherlands but moved to Brighton, England where they are based at the moment.
Perhaps the dance-rock scene in the U.K will open the door for Trip To Dover if they felt the door was closed back home.
"Fade into gold" is the follow-up to the 2014 EP "Kiss Fight Dance" but it´s the first time I get to hear about this talented duo.
Their music has elements of rock, 80´s synth pop and DJ-style electronics and it´s truly a winning formula when I listen to their new EP featuring the lovely single "I´ll be Juliet" that is one of the highlights along with the catchy "Boy".
For fans of Nero, Carpark North, Smashing Satellites.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review : Molehill - Hearts on fire

Molehill - Hearts on fire (2017) Independent
Produced by Molehill
Tracks : 1.Hearts on fire 2.Reverie 3.Old soldier
4 out of 5

To make the best possible musical soup, you need the right ingredients and I think the Chicago based 4-piece Molehill connects with the listener on every level. You could say they are 4 really great chefs with different backgrounds but with the same goal.
One has a passion for storytelling in music, another grew up with jazz big band music, the third guy has been a fixture in the gospel scene for years and person no.4 has a music degree and is the glue that helps the band stay strong.
Molehill is : Peter Manhart - Lead vocals/guitar, Trevor Jones - Bass, Devin Staples - Drums and Greg Van Zuiden - Keyboards.
"Hearts on fire" is their 3rd release and I´m impressed by the strength in both the songwriting and the production, this band should be big, they deserve fame.
Imagine The Killers meets Muse with a touch of White Lies and you´ll get Molehill, I´m already a fan!

Review : Cost of Attrition - There you go

Cost of Attrition - There you go (2016) Independent
Produced by Cost of Attrition
Tracks : 1.Not your psycho 2.Oh yeah 3.There you go
2 out of 5

Here´s a duo that sounds like they could use some help with the production because their new EP feels more like a demo than an official studio product.
Cost of Attrition is Wheeler Castenada - Vocals and Joshua Grow - Instruments, for a few years they tried a variety of musical genres like post-hardcore, metal, electronica and pop before they found their sound that can be heard on these three tracks on "There you go".
The music bring thoughts to The Offspring and I´m not really too impressed with these songs but I know how many fans The Offspring have, so I shouldn´t burst the balloon for Cost of Attrition because I might end up eating my old shoes if I say they don´t have a future as a band.
It just wasn´t my cup of tea.

Review : The Magnifiers - For the people

The Magnifiers - For the people (2017) Independent
Produced by Vanessa Silberman
Tracks : 1.Mostly harmless 2.TV hat 3.Anarchy sucks 4.Transfiguration
3 out of 5

What do we got here then? Four young kids that are rather fed up with how adults are behaving in the world today so they wrote a few songs about it, and I must say that there are some thoughtful lyrics on their new EP "For the people".
The Magnifiers is a band based in Chicago featuring Elliot Dombrowski (17) - Lead guitar, Eden Dombrowski (15) - Lead vocals, guitar, Eliza Dombrowski (12) - Bass and Everett Dombrowski (10) - Drums.
The music is a blend of garage rock, pop and new wave. Soundwise, not that far from L7 and The Donnas.
Just like Hanson, this band started at a really young age and even if they don´t have that "Mmmmbop" hit. I see other similarities between these bands, The Magnifiers have a lot of potential and remember how good Hanson turned out to be.
Give The Magnifiers a few more years and we will see a band grow like the beanstalk in the old English fairy tale. I can´t stop humming on the chorus in "Anarchy sucks".